Congress is Coming for Your IRA

Philip DeMuth writes in the Wall Street Journal (behind its paywall) that the “SECURE Act” now under consideration in Congress “would upend 20 years of retirement planning and stick it to the middle class.” It’s good reading, and explains how the proposed law’s authors believe that owner/beneficiaries of inherited IRAs (and 401Ks and Thrift Savings Plans) should no longer be permitted to withdraw plan funds over their actuarial lifetimes, but instead be forced to withdraw them within 10 years of the original owner/beneficiary’s death.

This is not a good deal, and would make inherited IRAs subject to higher taxes sooner. Folks hoping to keep inherited IRAs as nest eggs for their own retirements would instead be forced to withdraw the assets and pay taxes while still young.

DeMuth’s article is well-done and accurate in detail. For those without a WSJ subscription, a recent article in Barron’s, titled The Stretch IRA Is About To Snap Under the Secure Act, provides a broad summary.