Business Law and Planning

Business PlanningMany of my estate planning and trust administration clients are business owners. If you fit that category, I can help you run, maintain, and pass on your family business the way you’d like it to be done.

Business Formation and Organization

Whether your questions involve Virginia corporations, partnerships, LLPs, limited liability companies, revocable or irrevocable trusts, joint ventures, or Virginia land trusts, give me a call.

I form many Virginia LLCs and Virginia corporations every year (primarily for business owners who are already my estate planning clients, or who intend to become my clients).

Advice to Owners and Executives

I stand ready to advise my clients who are owner-managers about most aspects of business law. (Some areas of law, such as securities law, employment law, and corporate taxation, are beyond the scope of my firm and of most small firms, but if you don’t know lawyers who practice in those areas, I can refer you to the best in our region, or if need be elsewhere in the United States.)

If your business is borrowing or lending money, bringing aboard new executive employees, or sees warning signs of litigation on the horizon, I probably can help. But if I am to help you efficiently, you need to contact me before you sign that contract — before litigation is threatened.

Most of the time, you’ll find that planning ahead – which might just mean listening to that still, small voice that’s warning you something’s not quite right about an upcoming transaction – saves you a lot more time, money, and trouble than you wind up expending in legal fees and costs.

“While we are postponing, life speeds by.” –Seneca